Gualdi Silvio

Senior Scientis, Head of Division

Silvio Gualdi, PhD has been dealing with numerical climate modeling, climate simulations and forecasts, for over twenty-five years. During this time he has participated in numerous international research programs and projects. He was coordinator of an ERA4CS project on services based on climate forecasting in the Mediterranean basin (MEDSCOPE) and of three Copernicus tenders, leading the contribution of the CMCC to the C3S multimodel seasonal forecast system and leading the CMCC to become a WMO Long-Range Forecast Golbal Producing Center. He also coordinated the CMCC contribution to the simulations of the CMIP3, CMIP5 and CMIP6 programs, for the production of climate change projections. He is author of over 100 scientific publications in international journals (WoS H-index = 37), member of the Editorial Board of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science and past president of the Italian Society of Climate Sciences (SISC).

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Sanna Antonella

Senior Research Associate

Antonella Sanna has a strong background as forecaster and modeller in weather and climate frameworks, coming from a 7-year experience as operational weather forecaster at two Italian Regional Environmental Agencies (ARPAV and ARPA Piemonte) and her working experience at CMCC since 2007. During the past years, she developed a strong experience in the field of seasonal forecasts. From January 2016 she is Production Officer for the CMCC Copernicus Service.

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Borrelli Andrea

Research Associate

Andrea Borrelli has joined CMCC in 2007. Since there worked on Seasonal forecast topic. In a beginning phase he worked to evaluate the improvement of the system on its development versions with sensitivity studies on the initial conditions. Since 2014 he's contributing to the APEC Multi-Model Ensemble. Since 2015 he's working on the C3S operational Multi-Model Ensemble. From 2020 to 2021 he's participated in the work to make CMCC a WMO Global Producing Center of Long-Range Forecasts. Since August 2021 this service is become operational.

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Benassi Marianna

Junior Research Associate

Marianna Benassi is currently a Junior Research Associate in CSP division at CMCC. Previously she was PostDoc fellow at CMCC, focusing her research on the study of possible sources of predictability for the Northern Hemisphere at the seasonal time scale. Since fall 2020 she has joined the CMCC seasonal forecast team, working on the development and the maintenance of the CMCC seasonal forecast system and on the analysis of the CMCC system results.

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Rubeo Argia

Postdoctoral researcher

Argia Rubeo is currently a Postdoctoral researcher in CSP division at CMCC. Previously she was focusing her research on particle Physics (lattice QCD). She has joined the CMCC seasonal forecast team in Semptember 2021.

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Yang Zhiqi

Postdoctoral researcher

Zhiqi Yang is a Postdoctoral researcher in CSP division at CMCC. Previously her researches focuses on extreme weather, climate change, hydrometeology, as well as numerical climate modeling (WRF-CHEM). She has joined the CMCC seasonal forecast team since 2021, focusing on development and maintainces of CMCC seasonal forecast system and hydrometeorological research work based on CMCC output results.

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